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Looks like this community is pretty quiet so far. ;)
I just joined today, and I thought that I'd introduce myself. My name is Rachel, I am married, and have one son and obviously a baby in October (as well as having a few pets and an organic garden). My due date is three months prior to my son's third birthday, and I'm pretty happy with that spacing. We plan to find out the sex of the baby in May, mostly for hubby's sake, as I could wait until the birth. I'm teetering between a homebirth (unassisted or assisted) and a hospital birth with a lovely midwife.
I just ordered a pregnancy workout video, which I thought I'd share with all of you. It's called The Perfect Pregnancy Workout (a litte pretentious, I know). I've used The Perfect Postnatal Workout after the birth of my first child, and I was very pleased with it, so I imagine I'll like this too.
Anyway, wanted to introduce myself and say "hi".
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Nice to meet you too!
I'm *thinking* of an unassisted. I would prefer an assisted (for this birth, my ideal would be a birth center, but we don't have any in the area), but due to crappy laws, it's actually illegal for someone to attend us. Thus, it's going to be a little difficult to find an attendant. I have quite a few doula friends, so if I have an unassisted, I would be in good company :), but I also have a very good midwife who practices at one of the local hospitals, so I think I have good options on either side.

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Wow, I thought this comm was dead!
I'm Ann, 30, expecting my sixth child in October (well duh!) and I'm planning on an assisted homebirth, just like last time (which went great).
Pleased to meet you! :)
Oh, that sounds like fun! :)
Maybe we should all post more, and then maybe more mommies-to-be would join! I plan to post anything I read that is pregnancy-related.
Wow, I thought this community was dead as well...its nice to know that there are some October mommies out there! I'm due October 11th with my first. The hubby and I are very excited. :) We say we don't want to know the sex of the baby, but I have a feeling, if I'm on that table during the ultrasound and the technician/dr. asks me if I want to know, I might say yes! I have no self control!

Thanks for the tip on the workout video. I might just look into it! :)
Lol! Eh, either way. I have a feeling that if it was just up to me (about the sex of the baby, but we wanted to do an U/S), I would probably do the same. Hubby wants an U/S because he's paranoid and is worried that the baby is going to come out with six arms or something, but I think if he wasn't so adamant about it, I would probably convince myself that it's not needed.

Our EDD is OCtober 15th, but babies are unpredictable (and breastfeeding made the date even more unpredictable) so I just say the baby's due in October!
octbabies2006 seems to be the most active October due date community :)